In Curly Maple & Cherry Woods

Arbor Time is the maker of a completely original, personal treasure box with a wooden combination lock built right into the lid.

Each box opens with a unique, three number "right-left-right" combination—just like a standard padlock or gym locker.

Surrounding the dial are twelve raised marks arranged like the numbers on a clock with an inlaid mark at the top indicating the number 12 position. To open the box, simply dial the combination, slide the bolt and lift the lid.

Inside Details

The wooden lock mechanism is exposed on the inside where its intricate workings will fascinate curious minds of all ages.

Constructed from more than fifty carefully machined parts, the box is a marvel of precision woodworking using beautifully figured, contrasting woods.

As an added safety feature we’ve branded our web address and the box’s serial number onto the bottom of the box—making it easy to contact us should the combination be lost.

Brand & Serial Number on Bottom.

Made in the USA of fine domestic hardwoods. The box shown is Curly & Birdseye Maple with Cherry details. Finishing touches include splined miter joints, solid brass hinge pins and lid stops, a non-tarnishing faux suede bottom liner and a hand-rubbed satin poly finish. The piano style lid prop is included for display.

Overall dimensions: 3¾" x  6" x  8½”  


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Rob Walker • Arbor Time • Bend Oregon USA • •

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